Calendar of Fools is a small press comprised of a group of science fiction and fantasy authors who met at the 2021 Writers of the Future Workshop as winners of the contest. One of the most valuable lessons we learned during our workshop was that we are a community, not competitors–that a rising tide lifts all boats.

Beyond that sense of community, we’ve found that each of us has something to teach others and this has helped us grow. So, we want to do what we’ve been taught and pay it forward. In our first anthology we want not only to give you a bunch of great, fun stories, but also teach the things we are great at–the skills we’ve been teaching each other. We want to take this bright little community we’ve forged and widen its borders to include aspiring writers looking to take the next step.

Carl Sagan said, “Books are proof humans are capable of working magic.” We tend to agree, especially in genre fiction. Our goal is to help new and emerging writers succeed in creating excellent science fiction and fantasy magic of their own, whether they aim to win writing contests, break into publishing, or refine their craft. We want to help writers find new confidence in their art.