Storm Humbert
Storm HumbertManaging Member

Storm Humbert grew up in Ohio, got an MFA and taught for a bit at Temple University in Philadelphia, and now lives with his wife, Casey, and their cat, Nugget, in Michigan. In his free time, Storm likes to be with his wife, play games, and work out. His writing has appeared in Andromeda Spaceways, Interzone, Apex, Galaxy's Edge, and other magazines. Most recently, Storm's fiction was featured in the Of Wizards and Wolves and The Librarian anthologies. He is also a winner of the Writers of the Future contest and has work forthcoming from other markets. Storm has been lucky to have had tremendous writing instructors and mentors throughout his life, including Lee K. Abbott, Samuel R. Delany, Don Lee, David Farland, and Tim Powers, so he tries to teach and facilitate writing whenever and however he can. This is why he currently teaches a monthly workshop at the Westland Public Library. Storm's work can be found at

Zack Be
Zack BeLargest Member

Zack is an award-winning author, obscure songwriter, and Couple and Family Therapist long trapped in the gravity well of the Washington, DC, area. Zack is an emerging SFF writer whose work has appeared regularly in Asimov's Science Fiction and in Analog Science Fiction and Fact. His story "As Able the Air" was a winning story in Writers of the Future vol. 36, the most prestigious contest for emerging SFF authors in the world. In 2023, he was a finalist for the Jim Baen Memorial Science Fiction Award. He is the editor of the Inner Workings anthology. He can be found at

John M. Campbell
John M. CampbellPublishing Member

John M. Campbell grew up reading science fiction and loved imagining a future extrapolated from what is now known. Inspiration for his stories often comes from the strange realities of quantum physics and cosmology. He is a first-place winner of the Writers of the Future contest, and his story appears in Volume 37 of their annual anthology. He joined other Writers of the Future winners to found Calendar of Fools publishing. Other stories of his appear in the online magazine Compelling Science Fiction (Issue 12), in the Triangulation: Energy anthology (Parsec Ink), and in the Dragon Gems Fall 2023 anthology. For a complete list of his publications, visit his website at John lives and writes in Denver, Colorado.

David A. Elsensohn
David A. ElsensohnHowling, Sword-Bearing Primitive

David enjoys coaxing language into pleasing arrangements. He makes rather good sandwiches, he's told, and his chili recipe gets appreciative nods from friends. The Calendar of Fools uses him mercilessly for design and technical handwaving duties. He makes things appear online, has words in books and on screens, and can be found lying prone in general apathy at He lives in Los Angeles with an inspirational wife and the ghost of a curmudgeonly black cat.

Andy Dibble
Andy DibblePeripatetic Spirit Animal

Andy is a lover of wisdom wandering dream visions and the filename generator. He's an aspiring mascot for any team that will take a platypus. His other other side hustle is secretarial and other supernumerary services for Calendar of Fools, which he performs passably even though he lacks opposable thumbs as well as a body. His work appears in Writers of the Future Volume 36Diabolical PlotsCat Fancy, The Book of Sand, and The Gospel According to Luke. You can find him at